Why the Website?


IIG currently has hundreds of projects to consider, finalize the design(s) of, protect and offer for sale or licensing to germane interested parties. 

Our end-item product designs have been Trend Analyzed for timeliness, usefulness &/or their novelty and fun-factor scores.

What do we do?


IIG pursues solutions focused upon the simplification of repetitive daily duties for the average consumer...facilitating many 

multi-tasking issues or activities. 

IIG addresses problematic factors which continue to plague many peoples, inclusive of various industries. We invent novel (overdue) products that enrich mankind's experiences on various fronts. We search out and examine upcoming trends, along with any downstream implications and then conceptualize inventive practical solutions for varied 'user-driven' concerns regarding everyday inconveniences and nuisances.

Consider solutions from outside YOUR box!



Efficiency is everything! Discover better ways to accomplish daily tasks. Inform us of your Mission, it's End-Item & any bothersome associated issues. 

IIG will present varied, efficient novel options designed to assist your organization and solve most 'bottleneck' issues.  IIG is uniquely armed for many 'on the fly' solutions.

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